Getting there…


By Air from Bangkok: Look online (Bangkokairways) for flights going to Koh Samui. These range in price from 3,000-5,500 one-way. There are flights every hour. The first and last flight each day are the cheapest. The flight takes about an hour. From the airport, take a shuttle to the Big Buddha pier (10 mins drive). There are ferries going to Had Rin on Koh Phangan at 10 am/1 pm/4pm. The fare is 150 Baht and it takes 50 mins to Had Rin. You can also look at 1-2-3-Fly, which fly to Surat Thani from the BKK Don Muang airport, then put you on the shuttle and ferry to Tong Sala for about $50-60 US.

 By Train: there are clean and comfortable sleeper (sleeping berth) trains leaving at around 6 pm from Bangkok’s Hualompong train station. You will arrive in Surat Thani about 12 hours later, and be put on a bus to the 8 am Koh Phangan ferry. The ferry arrives in Tong Sala on Koh Phangan around midday/1 pm. The train/bus/ferry ticket costs about 1200 baht to Tong Sala, and can be arranged at most travel agencies in Bangkok one or two days ahead. From Tong Sala, you will take a ‘songthaew’ through to Had Rin (100 baht/45 mins ride).By Bus: Buses go from Bangkok every evening, and the ticket price (400-600 Baht) includes the ferry through to Koh Phangan. You will arrive in Tong Sala on the same schedule as the train (see “By Train”). WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE BUSES. Nearly everyone who takes a bus has their luggage looked through and valuables stolen. You will not sleep much or well. It is worth spending the extra money on the train!

Had Rin Note: This is the last place to go to the ATM/bank. No atm or moneychanger on Had Tien..


Long-tail Taxiboat: These are always waiting next to where the Samui ferry drops you off, called “sunset beach”. The fare is 300 baht and the ride is 20-30 minutes.If the weather is bad or the waves are big, both the fare and time will be more.The last boat to Had Tien leaves at about 5 pm, before it gets dark. IF the weather is stormy, it is better to stay a night in Had Rin and wait until the morning. In any case, be sure to wrap your valuables and luggage in plastic rubbish bags, as they will usually get wet at this time of year. If the sea is flat like glass, you don’t need to cover them. You can expect to get a little wet as well. “Dry Bags”can be bought in Bangkok or Had Rin if you have a laptop or other valuables. ‘Best not to wear your best clothes for the last part of the journey. You will be dropped off on Had Tien Beach, and that means on the beach, so you will be carrying your own luggage. If you travel with alot of luggage, you might consider leaving some things in Bangkok (many hotels offer left-luggage facilities) or Samui. Students have often been surprised to arrive wet and with alot of luggage to carry themselves along the beach, so keep this in mind!

Truck: There is now a road from Baan Tai (between Tong Sala and Had Rin) to Had Tien. This is an alternative when the boats don’t go or when the waves are big. If they are driving, you can find them at the Had Rin ferry dock around when the ferries (Had Rin Queen) arrive. Be prepared for an extremely rough ride. The price is 300-400 baht. They will drop you off in front of the Sanctuary in Had Tien.

From Had Tien to the Yoga Terrace:

A few important notes: we are NOT at the Sanctuary, so use these directions or just ask for Why Nam Beach, a 5-10 minute walk from Had Tien. Classes are no longer at the Had Tien house where Kirsten and Rolf first taught .                                                                                                                                                From Had Tien Beach, you will walk along the path going through the coconuts away from the Sanctuary, parallel to the sea and the sea on your right. Walk for a few minutes, go up the hill toward Why Nam Beach (you will see signs). Once you are at the top/there will be steps going down to Why Nam. You will see the Yoga Terrace halfway down the steps to your right, on the cliffs.  If it’s raining/windy, keep going down the steps to the beach and you will see a yellow space just left of the restaurant.

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