Kirsten and Mitchell

Kirsten & Mitchell

Kirsten and Mitchell are direct students of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. They studied at the KPJAYI every year, and have Pattabhi Jois’ direct blessing/Authorization to teach ashtanga (Kirsten in 99′, Mitchell in ’03). They completed the first ‘teacher training’ given by the Institute and hold Level 2 authorization. Kirsten studied the Advanced sequence directly under Sri KP Jois; she is one of only two women teachers in Asia who have permission to teach it.

About Kirsten

After completing university studies (Classics/Latin), Kirsten began exploring yoga asana on a trip to India in 1993. A few years later, she moved out to India with a one-way ticket. Along the way, she found inspiration with yogi Clive Sheridan, technique at the Iyengar Yoga Study Center in Rishikesh with Rudra Dev. In 1996, she began the ashtanga vinyasa practice with Rolf Naujokat and became  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ student in ’97.  She received  Guruji’s blessing/authorization to teach in 1999, and is one of few women in the world to study the Advanced ‘A’ series directly under his, and Sharath’s, guidance. She and Rolf Naujokat taught together in Goa for several years before moving to Southeast Asia in 99′; they taught seasonal classes in Ubud, and  started the first ashtanga program in South Thailand (2001). . Kirsten is also an artist; she shows her work at the annual Burning Man Festival

About Mitchell

Mitchell  first came to India in 1979 to deepen his knowledge of meditation and contemplative movement. After many years of searching for the right practice, he found ashtanga yoga  in 2000, and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since; he received Guruji’s authorization to teach in 2003. Mitchell also studied intensively (3 yrs) with senior teacher Dena Kingsberg in Australia as well as his studies every year with Sri K. P. Jois

Mitchell is also a talented and knowledgeable bodyworker. He is certified as an Advanced practitioner of Structural Integration,  also known as “Rolfing”.  Mitchell started studying different bodywork methods 30 years ago (swedish/Esalen, Traeger, Thai..) and has focused on the “Rolfing” method for the last 10 years . He is available for sessions upon request. Mitchell also runs “Intro to Bodywork” courses.



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