2015 Update:

We’ve kept our class fees in baht the same as 2014, to offset the currency changes in the last year. However, it will be an increase from the 2014 Euro/Dollar rate..(sorry, we cannot change that).

We’ve kept our class fees stable at relatively low rates for years, to encourage longer periods of study to deepen the practice.

The lowest rate is the monthly rate, of course.

Thank you!

– One month : 9000 Baht

– 2 weeks (10x class) : 5000 Baht

– 1 week (5x) : 2700 Baht

– Drop-in : 550 Baht

– Beginners Intro  (3 x classes, must be paid on the first day) : 1800 Baht

We do make work/study/sliding-scale arrangements every season for a few students who would like to study with us on a daily basis, but are restricted financially. We’ll ask you for some help cleaning the shala, arranging the altar, etc.

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