Note: We list the following information as a guideline to help you, but we don’t do bookings or travel arrangements. Be aware that’s it’s difficult to find accomodation around the full moon, so plan accordingly and avoid arriving at that time if possible. This information is current (i.e from 2014)

FAQ: Can I reserve a room ahead of time?:    AThe Sanctuary takes bookings for its more expensive bungalows as does Pariya Resort. All other bungalows work on a first-come first-serve basis and dont take bookings. You’ll need to arrive and look around once you’re there to find a place. Most people arrive by boat on Had Yuan or Had Tien and then leave their luggage at one of the restaurants while they look around on foot for whatever is available. The beaches are each a 10-minute walk from each other, so the area is small.

Most of the accomodation in the Had Tien/Had Yuan/Had Why Nam area is ‘bungalows’, which usually have a double bed, mosquito net, toilet/shower and balcony. These range from 400-1000 baht per night.

Why Nam: quiet, low-key beach. simple bungalows with good views of the sea. 600 baht. They do require that you eat minimum one meal per day at the restaurant (not included in the price of course).

Had Tien: Walk away from Had Tien Beach with the Sanctuary area on your left. Keep following the path and you will see signs on ahead. Here you will find “Family” and “Love-Lip” Bungalows; both have basic bungalows set back on a hillside walk. Love-lip also has a dormitory. Beam Bungalows toward the far back of the coconut grove (on the way to Why Nam) has overpriced bungalows and a dormitory; be forewarned that you’ll have the nearby Friday night music all night since it’s closest to the party site. The Had Tien Resort just next to the Sanctuary has decidedly basic bungalows and some very run-down ones as well; they are popular so they’re often full. They will let you keep your bag there for 1-2 hrs to look for something else if they’re full. The Sanctuary itself has the best amenities and style in the area, but is also the most expensive (from 400 for a dormitory to 6,000 for a house). “Spice” has rather nice bungalows from 700-1200; they’re usually booked, but it’s worth asking if this is in your budget.

Haad Yuan:  ”Eden” on the path between Had Tien and Had Yuan (10 mins walk) has simple bungalows (300-400 baht). It has more of a party atmosphere, loud music, a rougher vibe. “Bamboo Hut” is set in a nice garden and on the rocks; it’s the favorite for bungalows and food, but is nearly always full (350-450 baht). From the Bamboo Hut,  follow the wooden walkway toward Had Yuan. Once you’re on Had Yuan beach, you have “Big Blue” Bungalows, which are well-kept (400-1000 bt) and have a range of accomodation from standard bungalows to a 2-rm house. Further down the beach is a relatively new resort,”Pariya”, with modern amenities and a pool  (info/booking available online. $100-250 US) . Past the resort is “Barcelona”, which has the most spacious bungalows of all the beaches, most are standard but there are fancier ones as well, nice views (400- 600 bt). Finally, there is another wooden walkway with 3 different groups of bungalows on the rocks and up the hill that are simple but decent (approx. 300-400 bt) and some of the nicest views.

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